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Have you ever seen those wedding films that seem to make you laugh out loud, grin from cheek to cheek and tear up even though you've never met the couple. That is what we're about at Skylark. Our films are not a template, they are the result of countless hours of crafting your story into something that is unique and reflects you....none of this walk through the fields typical wedding film to music. Everything from the music to the colour grade is meticulously chosen to showcase your day as it was, unabashed, honest and of course.. romantic. 

What makes a skylark film?

Josh and I are gear heads. We have spent years acquiring the best there is in Cinema Cameras and Cine Glass, this makes a Skylark film a unique experience. We prefer to go for a classic filmic look for our weddings, our footage should appear natural, cinematic and most of all look amazing!

When we set out to create the film brand we wanted to stand out and produce films that could stir emotions in those who may not directly know the couple. In saying this, the editing process is immense.
It all starts with building a story though your speeches and vowels. We'll spend hours choosing the most appropriate words to represent who you both are and what you mean to each other, and of course any funny jokes. Next the music is chosen. The music is key to creating the hills, valleys and intimate sections of your film.

Lastly, your footage is carefully compiled and colour graded into what you see here, a love documentary as good as the photos. 

How we approach a film

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