Welcome to Skylark Media
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Well, hello there! Welcome to possibly the 10th photo page you’ve looked at this evening! First things first. If you’re looking for dramatic moody stills and a cool indie photographer…we probably don’t make the cut. You see here at Skylark, we are for the bold, the silly, and those real warm down to earth couples that just want the crazy magic of their special day captured (in style of course).

Our promise at Skylark is to deliver genuine photos full of character and life all whilst enjoying every moment doing it. We want to feel the goosebumps as you walk down the aisle, to laugh out loud with you whilst quietly snapping candid stills (yes it’s possible), but most of all we want you to see what we see; your natural self, having the time of your life.

“Liam was amazing! Our wedding was perfect, and I am so thankful for Liam capturing our special day. Photo requests were invited, and no request was too much. He made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and captured many candid moments. Great quality at a great affordable price”

A Word From Liam

Hello there, and welcome to my site!
My name is Liam and I’m the person behind the camera.

A bit about me; I love all things creative. I have been a musician for as long as I can remember. My journey into photography began with a simple camera shop voucher that led to a life passion – thanks Mum! I started shooting landscapes, then progressed into portraiture. My transition into wedding photography was a natural one as I had long worked on the creative side of these special days as a musician.

Being able to capture emotion, whether it be at a wedding, event, or up on stage is my greatest joy. The smiles and the tears. The quirky looks and the perfectly imperfect moments. It’s what I live for as a photographer.

Like what you see?