A Word From Liam

“This is your special day. It is one of a kind, and we want to ensure that your memories of it last a lifetime. At skylark media, we don’t just take photos. Our promise is to capture every moment in its natural light. The connections, colours, family and laughter that make this occasion so amazing. Unlike other photographers, we use no templates. Each event is a creative process, your very own work of art. Our clients choose us, safe in the knowledge that in the final product they will see themselves. Your day is unique. With Skylark media, your digital memories will be too. 

We know that your experience of this day is priceless, but that doesn’t mean you should have to worry about it costing the earth! At skylark Media, we guarantee an all inclusive, up front price that we know will give you more value than you could have imagined. You are here to enjoy your day, absolutely certain that what we do for you will fulfill your every expectation. You are going to love what you see!”

What to Expect?

Leading up to the day

Once you have made contact with me and sussed out if you would like me there on this extraordinary occasion ( it would be my honour!).  We will lock in the date and then I am yours to discuss all things wedding! 

We can discuss your style and how you would like the day to be captured? Do you need some guidance in posing and photos – nop probs i’ve got your back! 

Or…. do you want me to be that fly on the wall ? 

To ensure all processes run smoothly leading up to the day and none of the finer details are missed I have tried and practiced questionnaires that ensure all the information is gathered – down from the names of your grooms party to my meal requirements…very important!

I always love to chat – so if you would like to meet up before the wedding for a coffee, wine, beer. I’m Down

On the day

Look once the day has arrived, you don’t need to worry cause…..I got this!
In all seriousness lets just have the best time and enjoy!

Like what you see?